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Mari Gregan is a hypnotherapist and qualified counsellor, who helps people to overcome their issues around weight and food. Based in Gorey, Co. Wexford, Mari’s empathy and practical approach has empowered people to tap into their own resources to change their attitude to food – and themselves.

“Like many people, I learned to believe that I always needed to lose weight – even though I didn’t. I was always dissatisfied with how I looked and believed that I should constantly be losing weight or thinking about losing it.

“When I learned, through hypnotherapy, to let go of those beliefs, there was a great freedom – and my weight stayed the same!”

Mari’s qualifications in Diet and Weight Management, Nutrition, Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, and Counselling and her work with clients led to the development of this new approach to weight management - The Weight Off Your Mind Method.

This unique approach to weight loss and weight management moves away from the traditional methods of dieting. It helps you to overcome the fear of losing control around food and empowers you with the skills to stop emotional and comfort eating, to say 'no' to cravings and food addiction, and to challenge your beliefs about food, dieting, and body image.

“I help people to tap into how they are feeling, to recognise the feeling rather than fill it with food. When people tune into their feelings, food loses its power.”

Call today and see how Mari can empower you to change your attitude to food.


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"The Weight off my Mind Method has changed my life, my weight and my outlook on life. I am so pleased to have come across Mari's course, it is the best thing I have ever done and I am highly recomm...

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