Our Self -Image

Tuesday, 13 June 2017



Have you ever noticed that the more we try to resist something the more it persists and that is never more so than when we want to lose weight?  
I have been working a lot with people lately around the idea of linking pain and pleasure to our experiences and how we define ourselves, our self-image, that inner picture we have of ourselves.
All of your feelings and behaviours will be consistent with that self-image. This image is formed from the thought patterns and beliefs that are driving us every day, thought patterns like,"I hate my body", "I have no willpower","I am fat and lazy" "I can't trust myself around food" "I have to lose weight to be happy/ confident/ loved" Etc.



"I cannot thank Mari enough. I have been yo-yo dieting all of my life, this has been the only method that has ever worked for more than a few months. I feel great in myself! Give this a go!"

Elaine - Gorey

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