10 weeks course starting 12th September 2017

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● 2 hrs weekly group training

● Workbook to take home

● 2 audio hypnotic meditations

● Small individual classes




● Be on the road to being naturally slim and healthy

● Learn how to deal with emotions without turning to food

● Have a clear picture and image of your success

● Know what activities you should be doing eat less and enjoy food more

● Know several easy formulas for beating cravings and being in control


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Program Overview:


Week 1

This week is all about exploring, exploring how you feel about your weight and what is preventing you from being the weight you want to be. And also about exploring why you want to make changes, the real reasons, is it for your health, feeling better socially or feeling happier going clothes shopping or maybe feeling happier and more comfortable in yourself, only you know your own reasons. When you have a clear picture of what you want and why and make it real in your mind, you are already halfway to achieving it.


Week 2

We are all only to familiar with the idea that it feels we have different “parts” battling away inside us. We decide say we won’t eat past 6 or 7 at night, but then by 9 o’clock the other part seems to kick in with “Ah just have a cup of tea and one biscuit, won’t do any harm,” suddenly the whole packet of biscuits seems to have disappeared!

Week 2 is all about getting to grips with these parts of us.


Week 3

This is the week we tap into the power of Affirmations and making them work for you. Affirmations are really just that voice inside our heads, what we say to yourselves. And without realizing, it is often critical and self sabotaging. Changing what and how we speak to ourselves is like putting the power back where it belongs, with you! After this week you will be beginning to tap into your inner strength and confidence.


Week 4

This week I give you the script and mp4 hypnotic recording that will accentuate the changes you are making, allowing you to shed the excess weight and feel comfortable in yourself. We will be doing the hypnosis in class.


Week 5

Through dieting we often have developed a negative view of food. This week changes all that. You will learn to recognize when you are hungry and also to learn when you are satisfied and how important and delicious food is, so it can become an enjoyable positive necessity in your life.


Week 6

Week 6 is all about the Emotions!

We eat to change that emotional state, to feel better in the moment, it is this that often keeps us overeating and out of control around food.

We will be looking at ways to feel better and breaking the link to using food to do so. At the end of this week you will feel a real break through, knowing you can manage your feelings and separating them from the need to stuff them down with food.


Week 7

We will have so much fun this week as we look at different approaches to beating those cravings. Can you imagine yourself as your own superhero, totally in charge and full of wonderful confidence. At the end of this week you will!


Week 8

Back to serious stuff this week as we look at the relationship we have with our bodies, we will never get to and maintain the weight that’s right for us while we hate our bodies. This week will put you and your body on the same page, it is so wonderful when you work with your body and realize that your body too wants to be slim and healthy.


Week 9

What do you put off because of your weight. When you have no need to think about food all the time anymore, you can now use that time to set real goals for yourself and get what you want in life. After this week you will have the know how to set goals and to carry then through.


Week 10

Week 10 is an overview of the course and a deceleration of freedom from dieting. Also a deceleration and promise to your body that you will treat it with care and respect from here on in, never subjecting it to the ravages of restriction and overeating again.


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