Challenge your beliefs about food, dieting, and body image. Retrain your thinking and habits with this new approach!

The Weight Off Your Mind Method teaches you to rely on and trust yourself, to love and respect your body, to self-regulate around food. It will give you the freedom to eat what you want, when you want, and how much you want. By teaching you to see that your relationship with food isn’t separate to you, or outside of you, you will become more connected to yourself and your body. You will discover that you are in charge and confident enough to know what you want.

Each of us has the resources within us to have a good relationship with food – we just need to understand and cast aside the beliefs we have learned about what we should eat and how we should look. Our instincts around food have been overridden by the ‘need’ to lose weight. But, in order to have sustainable change, what we ‘need’ is a good relationship with our bodies and with food.

The Weight Off Your Mind Method uses:

  • Hypnotherapy to guide your mind back to positive attitudes towards food – it will reveal again these attitudes which have been blocked by negative beliefs that have accumulated over the years
  • Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy to empower you to think for yourself and to recognise your emotional triggers around food
  • Mindfulness to help you to connect to your body in a positive way and to see your relationship with food as something you have the power to control

By rebuilding your confidence around food, your body image, and your own innate power, the Weight Off Your Mind method will empower you to:

  • Enjoy real food again
  • Feel good about yourself again
  • Feel in control of your desires for food
  • Learn to love your own body image

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"I cannot thank Mari enough. I have been yo-yo dieting all of my life, this has been the only method that has ever worked for more than a few months. I feel great in myself! Give this a go!"

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